Ed perez and Lisa eilers should never work in the propane business ever again . Lisa just got fired from Ferrellgas and went over to Amerigas .

These two individuals trained driver to steal . I was a driver and I was forced to over fill cylinder , removed cylinders without client noticing to charge for missing inventory, add inventory and say we are adjusting inventory$$$. I was fired along with others who had a family to support for whislte blowing . Lisa will do the same to her clients in Amerigas !

Ed will follow her lead. They get satisfaction in mistreatment, rippoff of loyal customers, stealing and hiding behind propane gallons numbers, and taking advantage of employees who really care about there jobs , image , goals , repect to them self and others.

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  • Lisa eilers
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I am new to renting a propane tank. I am wondering if it is normal for a tank gauge to drop a large amount, about a month amount of use in just a few days.

Last month I used about 5-6%, in just a few days it appears to have dropped another 6%. Also, the guy that installed the tank told me on the Tuesday the tank was installed he would be bringing cinder blocks for underneath the tank on Friday, here it has been almost a month and a half with no blocks. My big concern is if someone is filling thier own tanks off of mine since I am renting and in a trailer park does the equipment to do this have motors because I thought I heard a strange motor the other night but, just imagined it was my new nieghbors since I have two.

I am a disabled Veteran on a fixed income and can not afford to be losing unused gas. Thanks for your concern, Sincerely, Sean Bernard Kelly


Is there any way we can get in contact with you?! We share the same interest with her? Careless wouldn't be the world for this women and what she has done to my family !

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