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Last summer my propane tank was filled because I was on the "Keep Full" program. I was charged $3.50 per gallon when the going market price in my area was $1.99 per gallon. I refused to pay the outrageous amount and finally after many phone calls and a lot of yelling, Ferrellgas matched the $1.99 price. It was then I decided to switch to another propane supplier.

On 10/22/09 I notified Ferrellgas that I was going to switch suppliers and for them to come and pick up my tank. My tank rental was paid through 7/2010. I was told that I could not get a prorated refund for my tank rental charges. Also, today they picked up the tank and tried to charge me $85.99 for the pick up of their tank. I immediately called their office and complained. The told me that the charges would be canceled. We'll see if that happens.

The moral to the story is to NEVER use Ferrellgas as a propane supplier. The are a ripoff and try at every opportunity to gouge their customers using unscrupulous tactics.

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Kennewick, Washington, United States #1228941

That's why you buy the tank and shop. It's foolish to rent the tank and sign a keep it full agreement.

Decatur, Michigan, United States #814911

I stopped Ferrell gas service 4 months ago. As yet they won't pick up their tank.

Have made approximately 6 calls to their office in Michigan. I or my wife has been lie to every time we have called them. The office personnel that you talk to are so rude I don't see how they stay in business. One time we were told the 5 percent left in the tank we would be refunded.

The next time they stated they don't give refunds on gas in the tank.

They can not give you a day they will pick up the tank. I am not sure if this company is owned by American's or not.


We have a rural home in Wisconsin on a Will Call basis with Ferrell Gas. We currently have 45% left in our 500 gallon tank (rented from Ferrell).

Hearing the supply shortage and being on a Will Call basis with them, I called to make sure we'd be serviced in 2-3 weeks. Here is what I was told by their customer service representative on the phone... A)They are not rationing, so only need 5-7 days advance notice to schedule a delivery B)Current price is $6.56/gallon!!! I get the supply/demand situation we are in, but $6.56???

I will almost surely purchase a tank after this heating season so I can shop for propane on the open market.


I here ya. I got the same problem right now.

Clio, Alabama, United States #770079

I had gas logs installed in my newly remodeled living room 10-14-2013 by someone from the service department at the Ferrell loction in Dothan,Al.The weather being mild in southeast AL,I didn`t need to use them until November.At that time I discovered I had soot on my windows&pictures.I called the office to request someone come out & check them,because they weren`t burning properly.I was told it would be Jan.7,2014 before they could send anyone.That was today.They didn`t show so I called them & was told their service truck was having to be repaired & it would be Jan.21 before they could send someone.Well the temps here was in the teens & I had no choice but to run the logs.Now my living room is all smoked up!I feel they should be held responsible since they improperly installed the logs.I`m just sick over this,especially since I had just spent more than$10,000 for remodeling!!!!!

I told my story earlier (about a year ago) how they were overcharging me for a couple of years, then we made a deal of 200 free gallons and 1$ over there cost for 2 years, so after the deal was over the first bill came back at about $5.43 a gallon when it should have been about $2.25 a gallon, I called them and they said it was the computer doing that, so I stopped auto delivery, waited until tank was about empty then cancel service, they tried to charge me pickup also, so I complained and they said ok no pick up charge. So get this, they gave a date for pickup, and they didn't show up, I called and they gave another date, they didn't show up.

So I didn't call them since.

It has been over a year and now I have a used 200 gallon propane tank in my back yard. :zzz
to Anonymous #1079250

You may want to check with a lawyer because when amerigas left their tank in my yard I charged them 10 dollars per day for storage. This was leagel in Vermont. So they paid me 6 hundred dollars and took the fank away.

Try this and see if it works for you.

Shippenville, Pennsylvania, United States #675780

We bought the property next door to us and have another propane supplier contracted. I telephoned Ferrellgas to come and remove their empty tank.

I got screwed by them before, and wasn't playing any games this time. I had a score to settle.

After trying to deal with their ***, I said it had to be gone in a week because the property was being sold, I never said I already bought the place or gave my name just that I was at this address...... Needless to say, they gave me the song and dance about charging to remove it, and the account at the address was closed so they needed a credit card to prepay for removal. I said No way, it's your junk get it, or I would have it dragged to the side of the road. They said I couldn't, and I said it would be there on Friday evening when I leave the place. They never came by Friday, SO........

I sold the tank to an old friend, who moved it to their camp and they said they were going to "retag" the tank somehow with a new serial number. My thought is, the tank is gone, let them call a cop and prove where it went.

Just like calling someone who will haul it away for scrap. A scrap dealer my not take it because it is owned by a company, however there are always guys who clean up / haul scrap who would gladly cut it up with a torch or something knowing that most scrap yards don't care what it is or where it came from. I considered having it cut into pieces and letting it sit in the yard and playing *** when they come in a month (if ever) to get it. But I figured a case of whiskey was worth more enjoyment than the look on the drivers face when they see it. Besides, it's off my property.

I was amazed that when I was last serviced by them it was cheaper to own a few 100# tanks and fill them at the local truck stop than have a bulk delivery. I will not be screwed by them again, but I will keep my eyes open to stick it to them again.

Coldwater, Mississippi, United States #608151

My wife and I are former employees... Back in 2007 the company made some DRASTIC changes, they closed down several locations and consolidated them....

I watched as 100's of good employees were let go across the country... The Terminal we were working out of let go ALL the office help and closed the office and posted a note on the door that read... "Dear loyal Ferrellgas customers, we are no longer excepting payments at the location, if you would still like to pay your bill in person please visit our--------- location. We had 100's of customers that paid their bill in person and had been doing so for many years.....

Believe me when I say they dropped Ferrellgas like a bad habbit..... I watched my delivery route go from well over 60-100 customers a day (working sometimes 16 hours a day) to barely having 10-15 customers a day and being done in 2-3 hours..... The man who they brought in to be our "Regional" manager was a BiPolar steriod using meat head who wanted to fight all of his employees and even the customers.....

My wife and I miss working there when it was truely a good company to work for, but now its just a joke.... your best bet is to go with a local propane company and not some chain that does not care about you or your needs.

Twin Cities, Minnesota, United States #597787

Hello Everyone.

I felt I needed to write a response to all that are complaining. I currently work as customer service in a Minnesota location and I take these negative reviews to heart. I would like to explain how things work. First of all, please try and remember that Ferrellgas' and Amerigas' ONLY business is propane. Inside and out, it is PROPANE. When customer's call the "local" co-ops for pricing, the pricing CAN be and generally is CHEAPER than us because those co-ops do not deal strictly with propane, nor do most of the "service techs" have certifications. Those co-ops that you call also sell gasoline, feeds, and propane. They have the opportunity to sell propane for slighly above their cost because they have alternate sources of profit. So of course they are going to sell propane for less! To some people, that is all the matters - cheap propane. I understand 100%. Now that you are using those co-ops, imagine that is it Christmas Eve. Your tank is leaking. Call that co-op and see if they will come out (they probably won't answer - although this is speculation and many conversations with customers who have switched to FG from a co-op. With Ferrellgas, you will 9 times out of 10 speak with a real LIVE person. Never a machine. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you will reach someone. That gas leak on Christmas Eve? Our on call, trained service technician will leave the comfort of his/her home to come to your home to fix the issue. I am done with this topic, moving on.

Fees. Ah, glorious, monstrous fees. I will start out with the typical delivery fees: Fuel Surcharge and the Hazmat fee. I will not quote the price as it is different depending on the state. I have seen and receive many complaints on these fees. Fuel surcharge fee is charged to cover the cost of fuel for our trucks. No, they do not run on propane, they run on diesel. Have you checked your garbage bill? Yea, they charge it too. Now, you may think that ok, the fuel fee is fine and is understandable. The other fee, that d**n Hazmat fee! What's that for? We charge that fee because it goes towards the cost of continual training for our drivers, and to stay up-to-date with DOT regulations. Essentially, that fee is charged to make sure our customers AND employees remain safe.

Rental fees: Most companies will charge an annual rental fee, some will not. Depends on the company. The rental fee varies depending on the size of tank and the state. The fee goes to cover the cost of our asset (priced anywhere from $500-1000 for a 120 gallon tank up to a 500 gallon tank). The rental will be higher for a smaller tank because the tank uses less propane. The bigger the tank, the lower the rental - UNLESS you only fill once per year.

Other fees: These vary and are charged when necessary - pump out fees (remember that it takes almost 2 hours to pump out a tank so that charge is necessary PER tank. Same day/next day/weekend fees. Simply put, be responsible and watch your tank if you are on Will Call! If your account is will call then you are to call Ferrellgas when you are no lower than 20%. Please remember that hundreds of other customers called within the appropriate time to receive their deliveries before they ran out of gas. If you decide to wait until the last minute, that is no ones fault but your own. You will be charged a same day fee or a next day fee IF you want it same day or next day. This particular subject really get's under my skin. Don't get mad at the company or the customer service if you run yourself out of gas and didn't call us to place an order at the correct time. There is ALWAYS a 3-7 business day window starting the day AFTER you call in for a delivery. Example: if you call on a Wednesday, the soonest you would receive a delivery is Thursday, the latest would be the following Friday. If you call us no lower than 20%, there is plenty of LP in your tank to last until we get there, if it should be the latter of the days.

The last thing I am going to discuss are the pricing contracts. Yes, they can be a gamble. Most of the time you will win if you gamble. Rare occasions you will lose. But that's life. If you decided to not contract for the winter season, you are at the whim of the winter pricing. Very sorry, but that's what it is. If you DID contract, say at $1.899 per gallon in August and then in October, the prices drop to $1.599. YOU WILL PAY THE CONTRACT PRICE. I use this as an example because this situation happened this year. You may feel that is wrong and unfair. Why? Why is that unfair when most every year prior you contract and the price over the winter increases to $2.50 per gallon? Should we increase your price? I hope you see what I am getting at with this.

Now, I absolutely agree that the pricing can be out of line. Unfortunately, there's not much that can be done when the majority of customers contract. We can't please everyone but we certainly do try. No matter what everyone on this forum thinks, we are not trying to gouge our customers.

One word of advice: Don't be an a-hole when you call in. We understand you are frustrated and angry but if you are respectful you will accomplish more. And please read through the master agreement that EVERY customer receives EVERY year. This master agreement explains everything.

If you are a low user, expect higher rental. If you have a small tank, expect a higher price. For those of you coming to this forum to read reviews, note that as of today there are 26 awful reviews. My particular service area has 3000 customers. Please do not let a handful of angry, bitter customers deter you from becoming a customer. Customer service people are people. They have bad days and they can be awful people (probably shouldn't be in customer service and I apologize on behalf of Ferrellgas for the A-holes that can work here.)

I hope I have helped some.

Thank you for reading.

to Employee #759428

OK, here's a scenario for you. And this one isn't hypothetical like your cute little Christmas Eve Ferrellgas saves the day story.

I called Ferrellgas Dec 11 to request fuel because my tank was at 5%. Ferrellgas's response: we will be there between tomorrow and Dec. 26th. Unless of course I wanted to pay between $150 and $200 additional dollars to have an emergency fill-up.

While I realize 5% is pretty low to wait before calling I've got some legit reasons. Ferrellgas I've since called daily to find out if I can expect gas that day. My kids are anxious to spend Christmas in their own house. The grinchy response is always the same "I understand ( you don't) but can not give you any estimated delivery date other than the original estimate".

I keep hearing that it's a first come first serve kind of set up and that the drivers are working overtime to fill all the orders. Odd because those cute little fg trucks are sitting in the fg parking lot right now.

What it seems to boil down to is that Fg is in fact in it for the money and judging from all the other comments I've read that interpretation is spot on. It seems that Fg needs to apologize for more than just having some rough and nasty customer service reps.

to Employee Overland Park, Kansas, United States #903977

Well said (another FG employee)

Joe Comp
Palmdale, California, United States #580274

They are a total rip off, they over charged me for almost 3 years until I caught on. Then after threatening to sue, we had a deal.

200 free gallons, and $1 over their cost for 2 years (per gallon I bought). Well as soon as 2 years was up, I got my first bill after a delivery... $5.82 a gallon, I called and asked how that happened, I was told the computer sets the price! What????

Anyways they are adjusting it to 3.29 a gallon, which I believe is still about $1 too much. I told them...

stop the auto deliveries, I will call when tank is empty for them to come and get! 12/10/12


Originally we were on BB/ balanced budgeting. Went off it fall 2011.

Started seeing itemized billing, last fill as of 07/23/2012: cost per gallon $6.039, are you kidding me? They are only willing to credit me over last 3 billings. Are you kidding me? This has been going on since 2010.

Unacceptable! Law gives you 2 years limitation ~ anyone for a class action suit?


If you cancel and they pick up your tank, be aware that they will try to charge you $85.00. They tried it on me and I screamed and hollered at the driver and then the local manager until they deleted the charge from their bill.

Then the Ferrell Gas driver complained that the wanted is 4 busted up concrete blocks back that his tank was sitting on. Their tank sat in my yard for over a week and my new provider used the blocks to support the new tank, so I told the Ferrell Gas guy he could get his "da_n" blocks out from under the competitors tank tank if he wanted them.

I smiled. He cussed and drove away without is blocks.


Please don't use this company. The first time I asked them to come re-fill my tank I called 2 weeks before I wanted the delivery (during a week my property wasn't rented). I was told that was fine and they would come when I requested. 2 days later, they show up when a renter is checking out of my property, unannounced and a week before they were supposed to. I called to complain about it and was told that next time I should call the week I want the delivery made.

Time for re-fill number 2...I call on Monday morning and tell them the tank is at or under 20% - it's a rental so I don't know the exact number at all times. I was told the delivery would be made in 5 days (not the 5-7 like I was told on the phone 5 days later). By my count, Monday morning to Friday evening would be 5 days...wrong. No matter what time of day you call, their "day 1" isn't until the next day....I wasn't told this on the phone either when I scheduled the refill. So Friday comes and my renters have no gas...tank's at 0%. I call at 9:30 am Friday and explain the situation very calmly and cordially. The lady on the phone says she'll "contact the office" and see what they can do. I wait 2 hours (no call back)and call again at 11:30 am and speak to a different lady. She says "I see where an email was sent to the dispatcher, he should call when he has you scheduled but I'll send another email just in case". I wait again...1:30 arrives and I call back yet again and get a 3rd lady who is actually in the dispatcher's office. She tells me he's been out most of the morning, but she does expect him back and will leave him a message to check his email and to call me. 4:00 arrives and still no call, so I call a 4th time...this time I get the lady I spoke with at 9:30 and she says she still has not gotten a reply to her email but can put me through to the dispatcher's voicemail...I say fine. I leave the dispatcher a nice, calm message (even though I was pretty upset by this point) explaining about the emails and that I know they're only open until 5 and to PLEASE call me back. 4:30 arrives and still no call, so I call a 5th and final time. I get another lady on the phone and she puts me on hold to call the dispatch manager....why wasn't this done at 9:30, 11:30, 1:30, or 4???? I'm on hold for 15 minutes and she comes back and says they'll come out first thing MONDAY!!! That's completely unacceptable since I've been jerked around all day long and led to believe they'd work me in today. She says my only other option is to pay a $99 (plus tax) emergency delivery fee. And they won't include it on my have to pay it now with a credit card. Wanting my tenants to be happy, I reluctantly agree and am having the tank filled so my renters don't have to suffer. But as soon as I can get another company lined up, Ferrell Gas is going to have to pick up their almost full tank, refund my money for the gas that's left and will never get my business again.

Save yourself the trouble and use a competitor from the start!


Ferrellgas just tried to rip me off again! This is the second time in row they tried to charge me almost a dollar more per gallon than the average price in Michigan.

When I call them they immediately drop the price to the average.

Pay attention to your price per gallon they are definitely over charging you! I am switching companies tomorrow!


Today is December 19, 2011. I just called Ferrell Gas Company to have propane delivered to my home.

The price at this moment is $3.93 a gallon....there is a surcharge of $19.98.

So, for 60 Gallons of propane to be delivered encluding the surchage I paid $256.32.

I was told they would be out within the next 7 Business Days....closer to the 7th. I would stick with my two infared 1000 watt blower/heaters if I wasn't afraid the pipes would burst underneath my mobile home.


They did call me back and they said that they could not give me a credit for past fills and that they were sorry for the inconvenience. I told them that that was fine and to cancel the 130 gallons request that was on the way.

they were going to charge me 4.05-- and now I will pay 2.50.

AMAZING!! don't use FERRELLGAS they will get you sooner than later

Ferrel gas price right now 4.05 to a 16year loyal customer. Jackson Electric co-op price 2.50.

Enough said. I called them and they matched the price but I realize now that they have been over charging me for all these years.

I e-mailed them asking for a credit - lets see what happens. :(

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