Hi, I have been getting propane delivered for a long time. There is something wrong with whoever sets up delivery.

Last time I had propane delivered, it was 10 days, we almost ran out. I had to call or a Saturday and wait on the line the emergency line for almost an hour.. Then a man called and said, someone called from your home and said that you had 20%, I said no we are under 5%....he said you better be or you will be fined $100. When the propane man came he said that he had just been in this area acouple of days ago...so no one told him to delivery me propane.

I was given propane for all of this problem...So I called over a week ago for propane, and they said you are on our automatic delivery, and you are scheduled for deliver in a couple of days....Here it is Tuesday the following week and I called the company and asked to talk to the manager...they said that she was on the telephone...now it is one hour later and no one has called....Nightmare....every time I need propane, I have a really big house and it has been really cold in Tucson and suppose to get colder Thursday and I am under 20%...Please tell what to do? Barbara Powell 520-822-4688

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Live in northern mn -25 out ran out of heat waiting for propane call today because it been 7 days (what they tol us it would be) and they are too busy it will cost $150 even after a week of waiting!! Shoving their tank up theirs come springtime...


we are expecting the very same thing RIGHT NOW in grass valley, CA. I came to visit my daughter and they told me that they were almost out of propane and had called at the right time to get a refill.

Well they are atvfour% right now and the local company is giving them the run around. My daughter has young children in the house and she need to be able to maintain her home!! So if anyone is watching this site.

please check intonoperations at the Grass Valley because they offer horrible service and have already taken payment but not delivered service for almost 7 days.help us please. its cold here!

Penn Yan, New York, United States #755267

Was drawn in by prices that undercut our prior supplier as well as all other local suppliers. Took a little time for them to install tank and first delivery...Didn't mind, because a lot of others in the area were switching, too.

Began the service in the spring. Didn't use much gas over the summer, now that winter is basically here, it's time for our first "refill."

Called over two weeks ago when tank was at about 20%. Was told it would be a week or so, but we agreed that the amount of gas would last at least that long. Flash forward to 4 days ago (Thursday). Called again because we had yet to get a delivery--Tank now below 10%. Were told delivery would be on Monday.

Today is Monday. Arrived home from work to find an almost empty tank...Called again--Were told it was taking so long (1) because we didn't call when tank was at 35%--First I'd heard of that rule, and (2) I was "fibbing" that I'd called on Thursday, and it would be another week before deliveries would be made in my area.

After some not so nice words and threats to change providers, finally I received some apologies and a promise that the operator would "expedite our service," immediately contact dispatch, and call back quickly to confirm delivery. It's been over an hour and a half, and I'm still waiting...

Can't wait for my heat, hot water, and stove to quit...With 3 young kids at the holiday season....


it happened to me too. I called for a refill and told them i was 20% and they didnt came to refill my tank when they suppose to. So i called in and they told me that my tank % is 35% so they pushed me another week. I was like whhatttt?

And i run out of gas :( and had no heat in winter time for 4days.

Yep, about time to change the provider

Overland Park, Kansas, United States #611807

Barbara, please accept my apologies for your frustrations with Ferrellgas. I work at the company's corporate office and monitor this site for complaints about Ferrellgas.

I have reached out this morning to the gentleman who oversees our operations in the state of Arizona and have asked that you be contacted regarding your propane delivery. If you are not satisfied for whatever reason, please feel free to contact me directly at ScottBrockelmeyer at ferrellgas dot com.

Bay City, Michigan, United States #611495

time to find another propane dealer.

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