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I ordered propane on 07/20/16, and asked them to fill the tanks. I use the propane for my swimming pool and hot tub. They came out on 07/27/16 and filled the tanks. I was not home, and the tanks were empty, so after filling the tanks, they shut off the propane, leaving a note that I should call them to have it turned back on. The note said it was protocol to turn the tanks off when they were found empty, and that it is extremely dangerous... Read more

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Ferrellgas is a bunch of *&$%ing thieves. Every year I have to go through some sort of BS with them. Have never had a year where I wasn't overcharged, charged for B.S. tank tests, or double charged for tank rental fees. If it wasn't for the fact that my local propane guy is just as much a thief, I'd tell them to come and remove their tanks. Can always count on some sort of annual customer service issue I have to call them on. Read more

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I am a retired teacher, 92 years of age. I have been with this co.( although it has been sold to a different name) since 1947--69 years. I have always been on budget pay. My house burned in January, 2010 , completely destroyed. I lived elsewhere for a year. In that time, FG took my tank- although I had paid for it. Due to my stress, I did nothingIn November,2010,I bought another tank & had a partial fill and continued on budget pay. I asked... Read more

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Ferrellgas - Worse Customer Service Ever
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I did not have a choice when I bought my house 8 years ago as to who supplied my propane. But from the start it's been a horrible experience dealing with Ferrellgas, several missed deliveries resulting in no gas in the lowest temperatures of Winter. After finding out that their installed regulator caused a large amount of soot build-up in my furnace, causing it to shut down and being told it will take $1600 to get it running again, I was told... Read more

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Put me and my family in a very dangerous situation. I got gas and the driver didnt shut off the intake valve. So for ten days i had 300 galloons of gas leaking out. Couldve blew for over ten days. But whats sad is not even corporate office cares that this happened. Never returned my call. Myself and my family couldve been blown up anytime in ten day stretch. Bad company.

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Ferrellgas or best propane are the most crooked propane service their is. Their is a company in my area selling propane for $1.19 a gallon. They tried to charge me $1.72 a gallon. So I called them, asked if they could explain to me why their is a 53 cent difference. They gave me every excuse there was. Told me they could do nothing for me. So I told them if they couldn't do anything for me I would see if the state attorney general's office... Read more

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Heather/Don/Suzanne all worthless.Tried to get a refill in November, 3-4 weeks till Christmas, was told they couldn't. Ate baloney sandwiches for Christmas dinner thanks to them dropping the ball. Tried SEVERAL times to buy a tank from private seller, told on every occasion they could not help me and they wanted me to pay $600+ install for their tank. Bottom line their whole business runs around them renting tanks at inflated prices, none of... Read more

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Ferrellgas is a prime example of a company that takes your money and provides the worst service known to man! They could care less about their customers. It took just about three months to have a tank delivered and filled the first time. Their reasoning was the “truck broke down”, twice and one time was a week after they fixed it! When you call for a refill they have no clue when they can deliver. You can see trucks in your county, but they... Read more

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I AM SHOCKED AT THIS COMPANY!!!!! I am writing to the USA to take this company down!!!! They have stolen over 800.00, for them to co e out between 6 to 8 days. They use a ferrell tester, whhich is bs, and isn't like Ozark propane tester or any other propane tester out there. They waited until the last day rite before the ice storm to come out saying we had a leak and couldn't do anything, which we don't have a leak, been tested. We may die of... Read more

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I have four children and applied for heap i got my first propane voucher, but ran out of propane today. I recieved my second voucher letter satuarday for $344.00. But unfortunatly its not enough because even with voucher i still have to pay $129.80 to get propane. And because it take 4-6 weeks for you guys to recieve my voucher i have to still pay $480.00 to get heat up front. Tried getting credit through you guys wasnt approved. So me and my... Read more

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